October 2017. Newsletter.

4 October, 2017 Graham Jones 0 Comments

Dear Member,

We need a new Chairman ( a lady or gentleman).

It isn’t a huge job. Please consider joining us now, before the Trust runs out of willing helpers and we have no more members who know the ropes. The Committee meets once a month for two hours. The Committee members are knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and take on the majority of the work.

We need new Committee members.

I hear all the time that other societies, charities and clubs are finding it increasingly difficult to find volunteers. However, I believe we have a rather special group of members who enjoy the evening talks, visits in the summer and hearing about things maritime. A small number within the membership already carry out research or assist in the library. It’s fun and enjoyable so please give some thought as to whether you or someone you know could help, to enable us all to continue enjoying the Poole Maritime Trust. I look forward to hearing from you.

Poole Maritime Trust needs your help.

Please volunteer and offer an hour or two a month to help on the Committee, with research or cataloguing material that is continually coming into our library. It’s fun working with a great team and it could save the PMT.


The summer has faded and that signals a change of pace in the Poole Maritime Trust.

Since the Annual General Meeting in April we have had some changes in the Committee.

Malcolm Parry-Davies retired after long service on the Committee. Many, many thanks for all your hard work, planning our winter and summer entertainment. Shirley Critchley also retired from the committee. Shirley brought ideas and a lively mind to committee meetings, thank you Shirley.


At the AGM in April we elected a new Chairman, Richard Lacey, the retired Chairman of the Poole Harbour Commissioners. Sadly, Richard has had to stand down as he has problems with his shoulders and may have to have a repair operation and feels he can’t give the Trust the time he would like to have given. We wish him well. Gary Wordsworth, a current Poole Harbour Commissioner who was elected onto our committee shortly after the AGM has also had to resign. He has offered his help in the future. Thank you to both those gentlemen   for volunteering, good luck in the future.

A small number of members joined the Solent Cruise, courtesy of the Coastal Cruising Association, in June and report that they had a most enjoyable time on a brand new vessel. They covered a considerable distance in the day. It was very comfortable and a great day out. Thank you Peter Lamb for organising the day.


The evening trip to Wareham, complete with fish and chip supper on the way, was a success. We shared the hire of the vessel with members of the Society for Poole [It used to be the Society of Poole Men]. The evening was both wet and windy, but we had a very jolly trip to Wareham where the rain held off so that we could walk round the town or have a quiet cup of coffee. The rain picked up again as we came back down the river but everyone I spoke to had a good time and enjoyed the views of the Harbour, the company and the trip.


During the warm days in the summer our research team used our new equipment, the sub-bottom-profiler for delving into the bottom of the Harbour, hoping to find signs of past history and use, such as channels, quays, sunken vessels. A small area of the Harbour was covered by the search as the volunteers, in their boats, carefully quartered the area around the Islands watching the electronics working and learning how to use it.


Your committee is working on plans for the next few years. Bob Reid, who has kindly taken over from Malcolm Parry-Davies, as the programme secretary, has been getting our winter programme into final shape. We start this week on the 3rd. October with a talk by Howard Nichols entitled “Potty about Poole Pots”. Many of you will have pieces of Poole Pottery and there are some interesting and very collectable items around, Bring a piece with you, to find out more. Come and hear about how it all happened from a life-long collector. This talk will be at Parkstone Yacht Club.


The Trust’s Autumn Supper is on the 24th October at the Royal Motor Yacht Club, where we will have a good meal and listen to our speaker; Mike Crankshaw talking about “Rowing down the Stour” a fascinating trip from source to sea.


November’s meeting will also be at the RMYC.


We look forward to seeing all members at these enjoyable winter gatherings. See you there!


Kind regards,





Peter Burt


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