Tuesday 24th March 2016 – The Swash Channel Wreck, an up-date from Dave Parham

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Dave Parham Associate Professor in Archaeology from Bournemouth University came back to give us an up-date on the work on the Swash Channel Wreck.
This important wreck lies on the Hook Sands, to the east of the Main Channel into Poole Harbour. It was discovered when the Poole Harbour Commissioners were having the channel dredged in 1990.
She lies landward of the Studland Bay Wreck, an earlier wreck found in the 1980s also on the Hook Sands.
Bournemouth University, with Dave Parham in charge were given the responsibility of monitoring the wreck in 2006, and in 2010 English Heritage agreed to fund an excavation of the site.
The vessel was a 17th. Century Dutch armed merchantman, probably belonging to the Dutch West India Company. Almost half the vessel is lying in the sand and the pieces that have been removed for preservation are in remarkable condition after so long underwater.
Dave showed us pictures of the wreck at various phases of the work and particularly the rudder and wonderful carved rudder stock, which will soon be on display in Poole Museum.
He explained how the rest of the ship was being preserved under water and how the monitoring is carried out.
It was a most enjoyable talk, full of local interest and hope for the future as articles from the Wreck are ready for display. A maximum audience at the Parkstone Yacht Club, showed their appreciation after Dave had answered many questions.

The work is supported by many national and local funds, companies and groups including the POOLE MARITIME TRUST.

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