Welcome to the Trust Website

It will tell you who we are, what we do and how to join us. We hope it makes history research interesting, archaeology something in which you can get involved, and brings alive the unseen history that is in the Harbour and its surroundings.

Our Mission

To preserve the history of Poole Harbour for future generations. The Trust contributes towards the public understanding of Poole’s maritime heritage and that of its immediate surroundings in three ways:

1. Through support of historical and archaeological research.

2. Through a programme of talks, presentations and visits to historical sites.

3. Through support of local museums and other historical study centres.

Our Projects

In the past the Trust has participated in a number of research projects, funding most of the diving and providing a dive tender for the Studland Bay wreck Project in the 1980’s.

The Trust founded The Poole Harbour Heritage Project Ltd, [PHHP] in September 2000 which, as a registered charity, instigates, carries out and supports archaeological research related to the Poole Harbour area. The Poole Harbour Heritage Project is currently engaged in a major archaeological survey of the Harbour and its environs.  Research has been under taken on the Green Island Causeway and on Green Island.

ROV Ocean Floor Exporation

The Trust has recently invested in a remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV). Enhancing our ability to study and explore the busy sea floor in and around Poole Harbour.