Tuesday 23rd February 2016 – Talk by Nicholas Hance, The Marine Accident Investigation Branch

Nick introduced himself as the only Ship surveyor currently working for the Marine Accident Investigation Branch.
There are 3 teams of 4 specialists in the MAIB who investigate all British commercial accidents both in shipping and fishing, but also investigate leisure boating accidents, particularly those resulting in a death. The largest number of accidents comes from the fishing industry. He explained the varied way the teams work, where they have to go and how the investigation process works, step by step. After some questions he then showed some of the investigations the MAIB had been involved in during the last few years. The films and explanations brought it home to the audience how easy it is to fall prey to lack of planning, forgetfulness or possibly stupidity when going afloat.
The MAIB don’t become involved in prosecutions but publish their findings openly for everyone to examine and they make very interesting reading in yachting magazines, the news papers and specialist journals.
We greatly enjoyed Nick’s presentation, the pictures and the film clips, which vividly brought this interesting specialist team to life and the audience made it clear that they had enjoyed the talk.

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